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School Course

~ Welcome school / NGO / organization / charity classes / courses / interest classes ~

Venue: Our studio or on-site teaching
School / Institution Lahua Class


Organize "Interest Classes" or "Extracurricular Activities" for students

 -Effectively cultivate students' personal interests

 -Enrich students' extracurricular life

-Increase students' sense of belonging to the school

-Future career orientation / experiencel


 -Number of lessons: 4 lessons-10 lessons

 -Duration of each session: 1-1.5 hours

-Number of people recommended: 10-25 people

-Target: Primary 5 or above



On-site teaching services (one-time interest classes and multiple courses) 

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[New!!] Online teaching service

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Past partner schools / institutions / affiliated units: 




University, middle school, elementary school, special school or other school:
HKU, CUHK, PolyU, City U, HKUST, OUHK, HKBU, Lingnan U, EdUHK, Hang Seng U
Tung Chung Catholic School, Quanwan Middle School, Hong Kong Management Association Lo Kwai Cheung Middle School, Fujian Middle School, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wu Xiangchuan Memorial Middle School
Rhenish Church Peng Xuegao Memorial High School, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Li Run Tin Memorial High School, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Lu Run Choi Memorial High School, Lok Sin Tong Yang Ge Xiaolin High School
Ningbo No. 2 Middle School, Wang Zhaozhi Middle School, Hong Kong Chinese Women's Association Feng Yaojing Memorial Middle School, Hong Kong and Macau Lutheran Church Morte Middle School
Hong Kong Taoist Federation Yuanxuan No. 3 Middle School, Yu Zhenqiang Memorial Middle School, Lam Tin St. Paul's Middle School, Hong Kong Siyi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chen Nanchang Memorial Middle School
Dezhen Girls' Middle School, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Fenghuang Fengting Middle School, Yuanxuan College Miaofa Temple Nei Ming Chen Lu Chongde Memorial Middle School, Dezhen Girls' Middle School
Ping An Gospel Middle School, Yan Chai Hospital Lam Pak Yan Middle School, Qiu Jin Qiu High School (Tuen Mun), Qiu Jin Qiu High School (Kwai Chung), Xinhui Chamber of Commerce Chen Pak Sha Memorial High School
Ma Kam Ming Charity Foundation Ma Chen Duanxi Memorial Middle School, Yuen Long Yiu Dao Middle School, Shun Tak Association Cheng Yu Tung Middle School, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Guo Yiwei Middle School
New Life Education Association Ping An Gospel Middle School, Church of Christ in China Jixie Middle School, Fengcai Middle School, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Huang Hu Nan Middle School, Chaozhou Huiguan Middle School
Precious Blood Girls' High School, Buddhist Daguang Cihang High School, Chinese Missionary Society Li Yin Yao Memorial High School, Caritas Hu Zhenzhong High School, Sheng Kung Hui Cai Gongpu High School
Sik Sik Yuen sponsors Ho Dao Middle School, Methodist Middle School, Sheng Kung Hui Saint Carpenter's Middle School, Mu Kwong English College, St. Clare Girls' College, Po Leung Kuk Yu Li Mo Fen Memorial School
Po Leung Kuk Tsai Jiyou School, Hong Kong Shau Kee Creative College, Pedder Canossian College, Delia Memorial School, Hui Ke College, Caritas Loen School
Po Leung Kuk Chan Lai Ling (Centenary) School, Lutheran Savior School, Hong Kong Red Cross Kennedy Centre, Hong Chi Tuen Mun Morning Fai School, Hong Chi Yuen Long Morning Lok School
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Tsui Chin Tong School, The Hong Kong Society of Child Care Centre School, Kei Shun School, Sha Tin Caijun School, The Church of Christ in China Wang Jue Tong Kai Ai School
VTC (IVE, THEi), Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, Hang Seng School of Management in Shatin, Youth College, Hong Kong Institute of Technology...

NGOs and charities:
Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Hong Kong Youth Service, YMCA, YWCA, New Territories Youth Federation
The Salvation Army, Caritas, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Po Leung Kuk, Lutheran Society, Scout Friends Club, Lok Sin Tong, Sik Sik Yuen, Hong Kong Girl Scouts Association
Hong Chi Association, Rhenish Society, Heep Hong Society, Heep Youth Club, Hong Kong Association for the Disabled and Health, Hong Kong Drug Addiction Association, Hong Kong Family Welfare Association, Methodist Center
Christian Missionary Society, Christian Family Service, Christian Hong Kong Lutheran Church, Christian Encouragement Club, Christian Survival Fellowship
Christian Worship Service, Covenant Church, Anglican Church, God Trust, Evangelical Church, St. James' Settlement, Methodist Kwun Tong Social Service
Chinese YMCA, Hong Kong Youth Development Association, Hong Kong Rehabilitation Alliance, Hong Kong Yao Energy Association, Hong Kong Playground Association
The Hong Kong Federation of Parents of the Mentally Handicapped, the Neighbourhood Counselling Association, the Hong Kong Guidance Society, the Hong Kong Red Cross, the West Kowloon Community Inclusive Service Center
Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, Hong Kong International Social Service, Hong Kong Youth Award Scheme, Happy Group Social Service, Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association
Hong Kong Career Development Service, Mong Kok Neighborhood Association, Baptist Aiqun Social Service, International Music School Community Service Center
Freshmen Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Community Drug Education and Guidance Association, Kwun Tong Pakatan Harapan Association, Smile Power, Hands On HK...





Teaching News:

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